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tank base seal

Gasket, seal and shim creation and repair

Belzona provides a range of composite materials for the creation and repair of gaskets, seals and shims, including both high compressive strength materials and flexible solutions.

The Belzona load bearing shim solution has been developed in response to increasing demand from the industry to maintain and install equipment and structures with minimal downtime and maximum reliability.

Our range of cold-curing composite materials allow for immediate formation of irregular shaped and high strength load bearing shims used in equipment location or construction projects. Belzona load bearing shims are excellent at eliminating corrosion including crevice, galvanic and fretting corrosion. Belzona materials can be injected into hard-to-reach areas and possess excellent compressive strength without shrinkage after curing.

Belzona 7111 is a 100% solids, pourable chocking system, used to accurately locate equipment whilst providing excellent pressure, impact and vibration resistance.

Wear and abrasion between pipe supports will lead to corrosion. Belzona metal repair composites, such as Belzona 1111, combined with simple application techniques, can be used to bond wear plates at pipe support location without the use of hot work.

Where long-term protection is required from the external environment, flanges and associated pipework can be encapsulated with a peelable and resealable coating, specifically designed to exclude moisture and prevent atmospheric, galvanic and crevice corrosion. This system combines a tough flexible encapsulating topcoat, Belzona 3412 and a corrosion inhibitor, Belzona 8411.

Gaskets can be formed in situ using Belzona’s polyurethane elastomers without the need for long shutdowns. Custom-made gaskets and seals of any desired shape or size can be created.

Belzona's range of waterproofing systems can be used to seal corroded and deteriorated tank bases.

Tank base sealing using 'breathable', solvent-free coatings, such as Belzona 3111 (Flexible Membrane), prevent water ingress under the tank whilst allowing trapped moisture to escape.

Belzona's range of repair composites will:

  • Provide customised load bearing shims
  • Create load bearing and self-lubricating sliding pipe supports
  • Provide precise equipment alignment
  • Reform distorted flange faces
  • Restore damaged, distorted or corroded mating surfaces
  • Rebuild compression seal seat areas

Belzona's range of rubber repair and protection materials will:

  • Create custom-made gaskets and seals of any desired shape or size
  • Bond a perfect seal between surfaces which expand and contract at different rates
  • Ensure electrical isolation to prevent electrolytic forms of corrosion
  • Seal entry points
  • Rebuild sliding gate seals

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